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Deschutes River in Bend Oregon
Myers Neurofeedback and Counseling, LLC
Nancy Myers, MSW, LCSW, Owner, Clinicion and
Amanda Borman, BS, CCMA Neurofeedback Technician/Office Assistant

Neurofeedback is a safe, non-invasive form of biofeedback in which certain components of brain activity are measured, processed and reported back to the client in the form of visual, auditory and tactile feedback. The training enhances improved flexibility and stability of brain state regulation. Infra-low Frequency Neurofeedback is unique in that it involves very slow electrical shifts which are filtered out of the EEG signal used to generate feedback. The continuous, real-time feedback of brain activity in the infra-low frequency region initiates an implicit learning process that targets the basic arousal and excitability of the central nervous system and specific areas of the brain which research has found to be linked to certain symptomatic problems. The goal is to optimize brain function which is connected to improvement in well-being and coping. Our practice includes Infra-Low Frequency Neurofeedback, Alpha-Theta for trauma, integration, peak performance and deeper processing, and Synchrony Training for cognition, core sense of self, addiction, pain relief and mindfulness.

Anyone can benefit from Neurofeedback including athletes and individuals in the performing arts for anxiety, attention and focus towards a calm but alert brain state.

In addition, Myers Neurofeedback & Counseling, LLC offers psychotherapy to individuals, adolescents, and children. Our approach to therapy is a collaborative process to help obtain tools and skills, explore and manage relationships, and have a fulfilling, healthy life. Creating a safe, therapeutic environment where the client feels seen, understood and heard is at the center of our practice. Interventions include a blend of different evidence based modalities from years of experience and education in the mental health field. These include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, attachment-based therapy and mindfulness approaches.

At Myers Neurofeedback & Counseling, LLC we strive to have a personal alliance with our clients to help with managing life transitions, become more self-aware and decrease destructive habits. Our approach is compassionate, professional and empowering to promote confidence in your decision making process, quiet your mind and improve mental performance. Contact us today to obtain a free phone consult and/or schedule an appointment. Ask about our discount for Neurofeedback session packages.


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